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September 6, 2012
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"Where is that idiot?" you grumbled while pushing your way through more bushes.  The forest you were in was littered with thickets, and you were tired of them abusing your skin and clothes.  Though there leaves were lush and soft, their branches proved unforgiving.  The ceiling of leaves and branches above you proved favorable when compared to the bushes; it didn't hinder your progress and it was nice protection from the unrelenting summer sun.  The musty smell of dirt, bark, and pine tantalized your nose, reminding you of your rambunctious childhood.  You had to admit that the forest actually would be enjoyable were it not for the thick foliage and pesky insects.

The reason you were subjected to the forest was Germany.  He had tipped you off that the previously mentioned idiot, Prussia, would be in it somewhere.  He went on walks often - at least every other day to be precise - but he rarely stayed out for more than about two hours unless he mentioned otherwise.  If he was out longer it was always because he managed to piss someone - most likely Hungary - off.  What made you nervous was that he had been gone since midmorning.  Hungary had also hung around until late afternoon, so she couldn't be the reason for his absence.

You pushed on further through the forest.  Were you able to see the sky through the leaves, you would have realized that dusk began to fight the day for the sky.  The forest started to become dim.  You noticed that it had become harder to see the details on things in the poor lighting.  It was that very lighting that led you to hate those infernal shrubs even more.  Due to the light, the thick bushes, and your frantic state, you didn't notice that you were stepping over the top of a hill.  It did come to your attention though once your world spun every which way as you rolled and flipped down the grassy slope.  Fortunately, the grass wasn't in cahoots with the bushes, so it didn't hide any rocks that could have cut you.  After about forty feet of falling, you landed in a patch of sandy soil.  Though you sustained no serious or cosmetic injuries, your bones loudly complained about the fall. Well, at least no one was here to see that, you thought, trying to be optimistic.

Obnoxious laughter suddenly broke the air as well as your hopeful thoughts.  Irritation barreled through you once you realized how familiar that boisterous cackling sounded.

"Graceful as ever, Frau!" Prussia hooted.  You let out a small snarl at the jab.  Your head snapped in every direction to find the Prussian.  He saw your fruitless effort to spot him and decided to help.  "Up here."

You turned and looked up to the trees.  Most trees and shrubs stopped at the hill's top, but one stood alone nearly halfway down the sloping land.  It stretched from the earth with proud posture.  The hill it took as its home was just as lovely in stature.  Though it wasn't tall, the hill extended in both directions for a couple hundred feet.  At its base a valley opened wide, gaping at the sky.  It was brilliant green and very rarely showed a blemish of bare ground.  Trees hugged the rim of the immense field, but none, with the exception of the tree claiming the hill, spilled into its borders.  Nestled into the sturdy branches of that tree was Prussia.

"Stop looking around and get over here," ordered Prussia.  With aching bones and a groan, you stood up.  You ambled up the hill and towards the tree.  Once you stood before its trunk, you stared upward.  It was huge!  It had to be at least sixty feet to the top.  Heavyset branches spread from the curling trunk and vibrant leaves burst from the tree's limbs.  Your eyes scoured the trunk for handholds and footholds, but you found absolutely nothing.  The trunk was relatively free of bumps, and, even though it curled at a slight angle, it never grew in a direction sharp enough to give you a hold.  It was beyond you how Prussia had gotten up there; you couldn't reach the lowest branch even if you stretched on your tippy toes.

Rustling sounded above you and grasped your attention.  Prussia was carefully making his way down the tree.  He was coming for the branch that stayed just beyond your fingertips.  Relief flowed through you at the thought that he would get out of the tree.  Now you didn't have to brave that climb and those heights.  That hope was dashed though, because Prussia stopped once he reached the branch that taunted you with its presence.  He positioned himself so that he was lying on his stomach across the thick branch as well as the one behind it and his feet were hooked under yet another branch.  He extended his arms towards you.  You took his hands tentatively; almost positive this would badly for one or both of you.  Using all his strength and the leverage from his feet, Prussia managed to hoist you up into the tree.

You both began the ascent up the tree.  It was rather easy, because the tree's limbs were sturdy and rather spaced out.  The branches didn't start to cluster until they grew near the top.  You and the Prussian stopped about forty-five feet up.  He gestured for you to seat yourself on a branch next to him after he settled.  After you had become comfortable as well, you decided to ignore Prussia for a moment and take in your surroundings.  Nothing interested you until you looked through a large gap in the leaves directly in front of where you two sat.  It was quite large – a storm must have ripped some parts of the tree off to create such a thing – and it looked out over the entire valley.  The leaves sat around the picturesque view like a frame.  The actual center picture presented the field, the forest beyond, and the endless sky.  At that point, dusk was beginning to win the battle for the skies.  Hues of citrus fruits and berries stained the sky in one massive gradient, showing off the effects of dusk and day's fight.  Very few clouds dared to interfere with the battle, and those who did ended up gaining bruises of delicate purple.  You took in the whole thing with awe, being put into a slight daze.

"Isn't it lovely, Frau~" Prussia lilted.  He seemed more proud of himself than usually.  The gaze you sent him was blank.

"Yes. Yes it is."

"Aren't you glad I found this place, Frau~"

"How'd you manage it? Dumb luck?"

"My awesome instincts brought me here, of course.  I knew this morning that it deserved my presence, and I didn't want to disappoint~"

"Hey! That reminds me.  What do you think you were doing-"

"I knew you'd find me eventually, though.  You just can't stay away from my awesomeness~"

You became frustrated with him.  Either he didn't know that you were worried about him, or he didn't care.  The thought made sorrow course through you and clench in your chest.  You looked down and stared at you hands, which were clenching and unclenching periodically.  You hoped that if you drew tension to your hands that tension would escape your chest.  Your entire being had become solemn with your mood.

Prussia studied you with curious fervor.  You'd usually bite his head off after making a comment like that, screaming about how annoyingly oversized his ego was.  The bickering between you two was nearly constant whenever you were around one another.  Prussia had grown used to your jabs at his demeanor.  He decided he needed to know what caught your tongue, so he murmured, "Frau?  What's wrong?"  When you didn't respond, he decided to try again.  "(name)?"

You looked up this time.  Your eyes meet his and you're shocked at the amount of concern there.  Usually he would have been too absorbed in his hilariously large ego to even notice that anything was wrong with you.  It touched you that he felt for you.  Well, I suppose I could try to be upfront about it… you thought.

"You know you were gone all day.  I thought something had happened," you told him.  Your voice and eyes were laden with worry as you said your piece.  Prussia was genuinely surprised that you had communicated with such raw emotion exposed to him.  His whole body warmed and his fingertips buzzed with elation.  He had always hoped that you were attached to him for reasons other than using him as an outlet for anger.  He wanted you to stay by him on your own choice and for your own benefit.  It was only his desperate wish that you would hang around him for the trade of affection.

"What were you doing here all day anyway?  Sure, it's pretty, but it doesn't have everything.  Did you even eat today?" you fretted.  By now sentences and questions were just flowing from your lips directly after being birthed by your concern.  You were taken by surprise yet again when Prussia fidgeted at your questions.  He looked like a little kid who had failed a test and was trying to get the courage to tell his parents.  An entire minute passed with Prussia squirming under your scrutiny, and you decided to drop the subject.

You turned and looked back aver the field and to the sky.  Dusk and day were still at war, but by now day's battling was pitiful.  There was only a bit of blue left on the sky.  Everything else was consumed with warm color, besides the silhouetted trees.  Even the grass seemed to gain a yellow tint.  Black began to push at the blue of day from behind, forcing it to edge towards the inferno of colors that was dusk's cavalry.  With the combined effort, day fell.  Dusk reined the skies.

"I was thinking."

You gave a small jump at the sudden statement.  It took you a minute to figure out why the phrase came to be.  It finally clicked when you thought back to your previously unanswered question.  You moved to look at Prussia again.  He was fixed on the sky.  You bit your tongue, so you wouldn't ask him what he was thinking about.  You knew that if he expected a response, he would have looked you dead in the eyes.  Because of this, you too let yourself become fixed with the sky.

After a rather comfortable stillness in both the air and time, Prussia tapped the back of your hand.  Your response to his prod was a quizzical look.  Meeting your gaze the entire time, he began gently tugging at your wrist.  You moved closer to him.  He continued tugging.  You shifted closer again.  He pulled again.  This repeated a couple more times before you were seated on the same branch as him.  He was positioned so that each of his legs was on a different side of the branch and his feet rested on lower branches.  You sat so that your legs were next to each other on one side of the branch.  A measly five inches separated you two.

You looked at each other in a way you two never had before.  Sure you each passed a furtive glance every now and again, but now you were actually looking at each other.  You took in more than just his physique with your stare.  It amazed you how his actual person seemed to be floating through the air.  You could feel his thoughts and emotions swirl in the air and brush over you.  You knew somewhere in yourself that the same thing was happening to him, but with your own subsistence.  He, too, was awed at how your self washed over him and tingled his skin.  Prussia felt affection light the air, and his heart gave a great leap.  He felt so bold from this that he pulled you to him.

You were pressed to him and his arms were wrapped firmly around you.  You stiffened slightly at the sudden contact, and Prussia felt his courage ebb.  He turned his head so that you couldn't possibly look at him.  You gave a slight smile at his embarrassment.  To comfort him you curled into him and nuzzled the side of your face into his chest and shoulder.  At first he became rigid, but then he relaxed and began to rub his thumb over where it sat on your arm.

For a long time, you two stayed that way with closed eyes and deep breaths.  Eventually, though, you decided to check the state of the sky.  Dusk seemed to have just handed his new territory over to night.  Night took it humbly, and moved in all his children, the stars, and their mother, the moon.

Your thoughts began to stir again, and you thought back to Prussia's claim.  What could he have been thinking of? you pondered.  You leaned back to look at Prussia.  His eyes lazily turned to you.  His hand moved to your hips to keep you steady on the branch, and their fingers made slow circles on your sides.

"Is there anything that I can do?" you asked.  The question may have seemed arbitrary, but Prussia knew precisely what you meant.

He pulled you back him, and you didn't object.  The night had let the air become chill, and his warmth was amazingly pleasant.  Now his hands rhythmically brushed up and down your back.  Enjoyable tingles spread across your skin from his fingers.  You snuggled closer to him so that you were as close as physically possible. Your breaths became deep.  The scent of the perfumes of the night and Prussia's wonderful scent filled the air, your mind, and your lungs.  Your head became filled with a slow haze.  You were on the twilight of sleep when you heard Prussia speak.

"You've done more than I could ever explain," he mumbled.  The phrase echoed in your head until you greeted sleep.  Prussia stayed up for a while longer.  He wanted to stay awake for as long as possible to admire the setting.  The night took good care of the sky, letting his children play with one another while their mother lit their playground and watched with tender emotion.  The moon lit the field as well, and he admired how gracefully the grass danced with the night wind.  What he treasured the most, though, was how you stayed with him and that there he sat, caressed by your affection.

ITíS FINALLY DONE :iconfrancecryplz:

It sure put up a bitch of a fight while I was writing it, but Iím pretty happy with how it turned out C:

I was going to submit it to a snuggle contest, but the text got deleted so I couldnít turn it in on time D: Itís okay though, because itís just nice to have it up :)

If there are any mistakes, please lease a comment telling me so that i can fix it : D


:iconprussiasparklesplz: (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
The artwork belongs to its respective owner.
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RedRolfe Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I loved the metaphores- it really made the emotion so raw, and the personification was so unique! Well done ! Even Prussia would applause your success, and Austria would enjoy your writing!
Ladyebug88 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cute I liked it!
Whovianunite5 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Super fluffy! Loved it!
kiki554778 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
kiki554778 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Nals-luff Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. I don't think the Awesomeness can even put this into words. Well, maybe.

I can't seem to write about Gilbert in this fashion. I mean, those thoughts thing, the elaboration of emotions and all that...I used to do that so much and these days I can't seem to do that with the's as if it's so out of character, but you do it so awesomely, if you don't mind my saying so, ve~ xD
SigurSaeglopur Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Thank you so much! :iconsupertighthugplz:

It was pretty hard to write Gil like this haha. Especially since I'm used to reading about him as being a pervy half-douchebag xD. I thought it would be nice to give poor Gil a break because I believe pretty much any character can be written to have deep feelings and thoughts; it's just really hard to do so. Writing characters slightly (or blatantly) out of character and trying to make it work is like my favorite thing to do as a fanfiction author. Because of that I'm extremely happy you think I pulled it off!

Thanks again! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:
Nals-luff Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Naa, you're welcome~

xD Hehe, that's true about Gil, because that's what some people seem to see him the most. And yes, writing off-chara is so much fun, but you were right for a while in there: it says somewhere that Gil's supposed to be kinds fairtytale-like at some point, though not as often as he is, as you say, a pervy half-douchebag...and animated proof of that is somewhere in WS episode 38, where he gives Hungary the dress robes and his concern for his brother at WS episode 29(?) when West refused to drink beer...oddly enough. xD
rosadellia16 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was so beautiful :)
ArilaInsanityCosplay Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I... want more! XD <3
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